Braking systems are a critical aspect for an automobile to function properly and any misuse, modi cation, and neglect can lead to serious injuries or death. Please thoroughly read through these warnings and keep the packaging for future reference. Winmax USA will not be responsible for any damages, injuries, or death that may result from using this product.

For off-road use only, use at your own discretion.

Brake Pad Inspection

Periodically inspect brake pad wear. Replace the brake pads immediately if less than 4mm of contact surface is left on the pads and less than 1mm for the brake shoes.


Brake pad / shoe installation must be done by certi ed automotive professionals only. It is highly recommended that the braking system be inspected by a licensed professional if the installation was performed elsewhere.

Use extreme caution when replacing brake pad / shoe of hot surfaces and make sure that the vehicle has cooled down completely before starting any procedures. Do not breathe in brake dust particles as well as come in contact with the dust bers that will irritate the skin. Brake dust particles are extremely hazardous to your health.

Dropping or applying impact to the product may cause irreversible damage and should not be used on the vehicle. Any damages incurred on the product may prevent the product from performing as advertised.


For off-road use only. Extreme temperature changes and product damages in icted by the following actions may cause product to lose its effectiveness and may not perform as advertised.

  1. 1.)  Unnecessary repeated braking at high speeds
  2. 2.)  Driving beyond the capable speed limit of the vehicle
  3. 3.)  Vehicles exceeding the standard weight capacity
  4. 4.)  Driving down steep inclines without the aid of the engine brake
  5. 5.)  Driving with the emergency brake lever on

Wet or oil contaminated brake pads / shoes and rotors / drums may cause the product to become ineffective. Make certain that the entire brake system is completely dry and clean before using product.